Welcome! I am so excited to have you here!

I am Waheeda, the shop owner.

Philocaly Print Store is a small business that sells beautiful printables to help you stay organized and motivated. I create planner printables that will help you organize every area of your life. 

I know how hard it is to keep everything in your head when you have so many responsibilities pulling you from all sides. Let everything that nags you be safely jotted down in paper so that you can carry on with your daily life peacefully.

Why printables?

  • Unlike traditional planners, printables are cheap and can be reused as many times as you want. They offer great value for the money you spend and save you bucks down the road.
  • You can customise the size of the planner by adjusting the printer settings.
  • You can choose the quality of paper.
  • You can customise your planner by buying printables that you need for each occasion or create separate binders for different needs.

If you have any special request, feel free to contact me at admin@philocalyprintstore.com.

I also run a blog called habitsbuzz.com, which is about personal development, planning and journaling.